Our vision is to change music business to serve artists’ needs directly and offer services that artists need to break into public. We help emerging artist reach new audiences and become more professional with their career. With our musical background combined to experience in business we know what modern digital world requires from artists.

Ari Kaukiainen

Founder, Partnerships and Branding

Entrepreneur convicted to hack the music business. Personal experience in making music, producing events, developing business and sales.


Mariia Kozlovskaia

Social Media and Communications

Social media professional that can come up with creative solutions on the go. Experience with sales, social media marketing and event production from live performances to fairs and exhibitons.


Ioanna Frangou

PR and Artist Help

Psychologist that loves to solve any music issue that might occur! Knowing about how learning can change lives and careers. Good at seeing the talent in people and helping them reach their potential.


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Photo copyright: Salla Kuva

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