We decided to throw old ways out of the window and designed a new set of services that suit modern artists’ needs. We offer a range of services to help you grow as an artist independently: gig sales, training, promotion and partnerships. We give you the tools and help to succeed, but you’ll keep your hands on the steering wheel. We value your friendship and independency greatly!

Gig sales & event production

Lacking gigs? Fill our Artist Form or send us an email and lets see how we can help your band.
We usually sell artists in our roster in bundles of 2-3 artists to book the whole night full. We take our commission from our mutual customer, so our reward is not out of artist’s pocket.

We also do one-off bookings sometimes. Even if you aren’t on our roster, we might be able get you a gig from time to time.

Branding & social media training

Unsure about how to promote your act to your audience? Let us help you define and grow your brand!
We help you to define your own brand and what kind of story your act tells. We’ve got the knowledge on how grow your social media following and reach new audiences online.

Currently we offer workshops where can give you one-on-one mentoring. In the future you can expect online courses and educational videos from us.

Promotion & Commercial Partnerships

During the era of social media and streaming services artists’ income has splintered into small fragments. We help artists to prosper in the brave new world.

We help artists to define their best income sources and to use their money to grow their act.
We promote artists through our own channels and help them find chances to promote themselves.

We also help artists to connect with businesses in meaningful and ethical way.

Coming Soon: Wavemaker Community

Currently we are prototyping an exclusive artist community, that is open for artists to join. Community allows artists to share their private concerns and get specialized help in their career. Community will have strong influence in what kind of learning material we produce and community members will have early access to all the material we publish.

We are also creating a network of business partners that are offering services to artists. Check our Partners page for info!

Let’s build something together.

If you are an artist willing to collaborate us, please fill out the artists form either in Finnish or English so that we can get back to you.
If you have any other interest on your mind, please fill out the contact form and let’s see what we can do together!

Contact Form

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