Community and a career service for independent artists to grow as entrepreneurs. We threw old ways of the music business out of the window and designed a set of services that suit artists directly.

Wavemaker Community brings artists together to form a community of professionals. Makewaves offers educational material and partnership benefits for community members to better navigate through the modern digital landscape of the music industry. Every artist is an independent member of the community, having their say in developing the community and taking responsibility of their own artist act. Makewaves and Wavemaker Community provide you the tools and help to succeed, but you’ll keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Currently we are prototyping our artist community. You can join the prototype community free of charge through the Artist Form below. Community members unlock all the community deals and have early access to all the material we publish.

Branding & Social Media Management Education for Artists

Unsure about how to promote your act to your audience? Let us help you define and grow your brand!

We help you to define your own artist brand and what kind of story your act tells. You will also learn to use right tools and practices to handle your social media activity in a way that grows your following over time and keeps your fans engaged.

At the moment we are producing content for two online courses regarding artist branding and social media management including curated content and useful exercises that you help you get started. Members of Wavemaker Community get early access to to material we produce before it’s being released to the public.

Entrepreneurial Skills in the Music Industry & Relevant Topics

Music industry is a complex environment including artists, companies and consumers and can be hard get grasps with. We’ll help you to make sense with your plans and help you grow as artist-entrepreneur! Makewaves Productions provides education on the business side of making music.

Often we come across a variety of topics that we can address in more freeform videos outside of our course content. Community members have their say in what kind of topics of interest we should conver to keep topics relevant to wider audience of artists. Topics contain different phenomenon in the music industry and help artists to develop commercial skills and ways of thinking that complement your musical ability.

Discussion inside Wavemaker Community is confidential so that our members are encouraged to talk about any topics that they might find concerning them. Community members are also encouraged in finding new ways to collaborate together and help out each other.

Community Partnership Benefits

When we come together, we are become stronger. Makewaves gathers special deals that help community members in advancing their artist careers. These deals include for example discounts for studios, producers and other digital services that are useful for commercial artists.

During the era of social media and streaming services artists’ income has splintered into small fragments. We help artists to prosper in the brave new world by helping them to define their best income sources and to use their money to grow their act. We help artists to connect with businesses in meaningful and ethical way that fosters collaboration between artists and businesses.

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