What to do while practicing social distance

This recent pandemic has changed our everyday life with restrictions on travelling and social gatherings and venues. Music industry among other industries has suffered heavily from this sudden change. Events getting  cancelled poses financial loss for the artists alongside the whole event industry. So what can we do to get through these hard times, both as an artist and as a fan?

As a fan you can help your favourite artists simply by streaming their music online in places such as Bandcamp, Spotify and YouTube and participating in their social media activity. While the compensation per one-off stream isn’t much for an artist, playing the music and participation on social media makes the artist to be seen by a wider public through social media algorithms. Old-school way of buying merchandise including albums is wonderful too.
  Music affects our emotional state of mind. So often in our lives we want to listen to music: in times of joy or sorrow and while working, studying or working out. Now more than ever people have time to stay at home and enjoy great music. Feel free to share the music that inspires you the most!

So what about the artists? We wouldn’t be much of an artist service if we didn’t help artists would we? 😉

  • When live events get cancelled around, we can find creative ways of making events happen online! You can produce a private gig yourself and broadcast it on social media. This can be done easily with a mobile phone or a laptop and a proper microphone while social media platforms already offer means to broadcasting. Fans will love you for the effort and creative thinking. If producing a whole private event is too much for you, make a live stream from your rehearsal place! Don’t overthink it, people will love participating on your journey.
  • You can also make live streams with any other theme, such as telling something about your act or something personal, or just discuss anything that is on your mind right now and share memes. People love a good laugh these days. 
  • Showcase some upcoming material or perform an alternative presentation of your song in an atmospheric and acoustic way.
  • Connect with your fans on social media. You can ask people to tell how they are doing and how they feel. You can simply be there with them posting material and commenting on their content. Creating a conversation and listening to them shows that you care.
  • Lastly, work on your craft and your plans. This is a great time to write new music and bunker down in a studio. If you haven’t done any clear and measurable plans for the future, you might think of doing that now. Same goes to defining your approach on marketing your act, since as a small artist you will be the one who does the promoting. If you feel lost with your plans, you can always ask opinions from a friend, or fellow artist in the Makewaves community. Don’t hesitate to write to us either, we are there for you!


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