Makewaves Launch Party

Makewaves Launch Party @ Mascot Bar and Live Stage

  On Wednesday 28th of August we had our launching party in the cozy bar Mascot. We had planned this event for weeks and the anticipation was high. The atmosphere was friendly and vivid. The evening was filled with shows of our partner artists, audiovisual delight and presentations of Makewaves team and our partners & Lammaskallion Audio.

And that’s a wrap! Artists gathered together for applauds.

The opening act was a synth-pop group Dame Emil. Their musical style can be described as industrial-oriented synth pop. Their musical flow relies on overdose of synth usage, stimulating and danceable song structures and industrially androgyne aesthetics. One cool thing you’ll note on their gigs is their sleek and uniform appearance onstage. The second act was Airi’s, a pop-rock band that has released their brand new music video “Dοes the sun smile to you?” After Airi’s, on-screen video greetings from Horizon Ignited was shown, since these metal heads from Kouvola could not be with us in person. Horizon Ignited is worth checking out, since these guys received great critical acclaim and audience on Spotify with their first album After the Storm. Great things are coming their way.

Saku and Tuukka from Dame Emil jamming to synthetic rhytms.

The third act was Socks and Ballerinas, an experimental power looping duo that makes weird sounds and wacky rhythms that makes you dance! ”Instant WTF!!” has been the best anecdote we’ve heard to describe them so far. Definitely something you havent heard before and worth checking out. The fourth act was The Loose Addictions, a rock and roll band that made the audience dance and head-bang. TLA combines time-tested elements of rock, blues and hard rock with modern approach and youthful but sinister energy and charisma.

Katharina and Leonardo from Socks and Ballerinas focused on their mad craft.
Sinister charisma of The Loose Addictions in full effect!

The last act of the night was Vile Caliber, a melodic heavy metal band that takes influence from rock and metal classics and combining them with modern influences and twists that don’t leave anyone cold. Vile Caliber indentifies themselves as high-end party metal band, that injects energy into audience and lights up the night with high energy stage performance and tight guitar-driven music.

Willpower! Vile Caliber was the last performed to rock the stage.

  People gathered around the stage and were dancing to some bands and headbanging to others. Some mishaps and chaos happened during the event, but that’s life in the music business. During one show performers guitar strings and a guitar strap broke so the show was brought to a short halt. In this moment our artist collective summoned group spirit and came to help so he ended up borrowing a guitar from another band. Artists showed that cooperation is the key to success in any given situation.

The night ended with a smile on everyone’s face and the event was a success. The feedback from the audience was really positive. The best thing according to some people was the fact that there were different music genres in one event, otherwise they wouldn’t  discover new music. New fans were created on the spot and wanted more, that gave the bands confidence and left them with a good feeling. For us it was gratifying to see Makewaves mission resonating in artists themselves. All the hard work payed off and we all were so happy that the people embraced warmly our business idea.

But what next? Expect more events from us for you to enjoy. Best way to keep posted about upcoming events is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow our fellow artists too! Without artists there wouldn’t be music for us to enjoy, and without music there won’t be life right?


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