Hello I am Ioanna and I am a gig freak, which means I love concerts big or small and attend quite often. I have a background in Psychology and Education and enjoying putting music in the mix. Held a radio show that connected Music with Psychology cause music is life! Good with people and knowledge of the music industry. I am a new addition to the Makewaves family and hopefully a good one (time will show…). Finnish bands have changed my life so much that I moved to Finland. Now it’s time to give back so I would like to help artists living in Finland to succeed in the music industry of today. 

  Understanding the emotional weight of songwriting and music producing is essential for every artist. Music industry can sometimes be harsh for an artist.  I’m looking to address this issue and create meaningful change, as everyone should have a chance to show the world their creation. Talent is not the only thing that is needed though, hard work, cooperation, learning how to handle situations, connections, and understanding of audience.

In a nutshell : Psychologist that loves to solve any music issue that might occur! Knowing about how learning can change lives and careers. Good at seeing the talent in people and helping them reach their potential.


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