Launch Party Coming Up!

Hey you! Thank you for visiting our website and having interest in us.

It’s time to official kick off our business! Come to celebrate a dawn of new era of independent artists with us to Mascot Bar on 28th of August! We’ll throw a free party with our fellow artists and you are invited!

The evening is filled with live shows and other entertainment. The event is free of charge, but you can show your support by following these great artists and our partners in social media.

Artists currently joining the celebration:
Boneyard –
Dame Emil –
Airi’s –
Frozen Factory –
Horizon Ignited –
Socks and Ballerinas –
The Loose Addictions –
Vile Caliber –

19:00 – Doors
19:30 – Boneyard
20:00 – Dame Emil
20:25 – Airi’s: acoustic set
20:45 – Frozen Factory: acoustic set
21:20 – Video greetings from Horizon Ignited
21:30 – Socks and Ballerinas
22:00 – The Loose Addictions
22:30 – Vile Caliber


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