What are we?

Modern music industry is changing in the era of social media and streaming services. Never before have artists had similar opportunities to break through and grow their following independently. However, skills demanded for unsigned artists to make a breakthrough are much more diverse than before. Competition for audience is also tougher than ever before.

This is where Makewaves steps in. We help unsigned artists to develop as artistic entrepreneurs and to promote their musical career.

Makewaves is your partner in taking a leap into professional career with music.

We train artists in branding and promoting their act. We also form partnerships that connect artists, audiences and businesses together.

Our promise is to treat our fellow artists as friends and put their needs first.

Our Services

Community of peer artists serious in developing their artist act.

Training on branding, social media and entrepreneurship as an artist.

Partnerships and promotion for artists and businesses.

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Who Do We Serve

We help you to progress your career all the way from anonymity to publicity! You might find our services useful even if you are a visual or performance artist.

If you are a friend of music and art, follow us for new inspiring artists and novel artistic experiences!

Partners / Businesses
Are you a sound engineer, photographer, stylist that would like to collaborate with artists? Or are you a artist-friendly business that would like to promote it’s services? Hit us up and join our network!

Be brave and get in touch!

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